Education. Character. Success.

Fabiola Martinez

Loyola University Chicago

MS Social Work 2021


The Glen View Club Scholarship Foundation launched in 1997 to commemorate the Club's 100th year. Since then it has made more than 810 grants totaling more than $4,100,000 to Club caddies and staff to help them pay for their post-secondary education, thereby playing an impactful role in the lives of the young men and women who help deliver the Glen View experience.


The Foundation’s Board engages as active investors who seek returns in the form of post-secondary diplomas and employment. Glen View Scholars go through a rigorous process that includes assessments of job performance, academic achievement, career goals and personal character. The aim is to launch young men and women to a lifetime of enrichment and fulfilled aspirations through the gift of education.

College is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Students don't arrive at higher learning armed with the same skills in articulation, organization, study habits, and collaboration. So the Foundation provides a variety of grants and support services to advance their college careers. The service portfolio includes:

•    Outright scholarship grants.
•    Incentive scholarship grants based on performance.
•    Leadership grants to recognize outstanding leader skills.
•    Tutoring resources to advance studies in core curricula.
•    College Success Skills training.
•    Reach Back programs for high school freshman.
•    Voluntary member mentoring.


The results are often beyond calculation. Yes, Glen View Club Scholars advance with degrees to good jobs and professions: engineers, doctors, environmentalists, technology consultants, accountants, airline pilots. These are high value returns that Glen View Members produce by helping Scholars advance as citizens and producers. But there is no measure for the gratification of knowing that their help was the spark that ignited and propelled their ambition.


A choice-filled life.

The Glen View Club Scholarship Foundation ...

helps students pursue the education and training they need to achieve choice-filled lives and career success.

The Members of the Glen View Club ...

are the power behind the Foundation's mission. They contribute time, money and wisdom to make the work of the Foundation come to life. Once each year they open their checkbooks to deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cause.

The Scholarship Foundation ...

makes grants to eligible Club staff to support their post-secondary education and  encourage their pursuit of choice filled lives and careers.

Glen View Club Scholarships ...

are tailored to the specific needs of Scholars. The goal is to provide the education that propels them to a successful career.

The process begins here with an online application ...

The next step is a personal interview with a committee of members to explore your goals and needs.

Scholars earn financial grants ...

and have access to individualized college selection and financial aid counseling, tutoring resources, college success training, and to member networks for mentoring and job searches.

Annual Scholar luncheon with parents, Members and fellow awardees