In Our Own Words
Stories of 2021 Glen View Club Scholars

I am avidly pursuing a career in Speech and Hearing Sciences because of an endearing memory of my childhood. When my youngest brother came home from school one day in tears, through his sobs he told me how his classmates had made fun of him (because) he couldn’t pronounce the word ‘soup’. Mom got him help and let me tag along to his speech therapy session. Watching the speech-language pathologist work had me frozen in awe with how she was helping my brother in a deeply impactful way. As she transformed my brother’s confidence, I resolved to dedicate myself to this kind of work. Why invest in me? Because I don’t quit. I adjust and power forward. Despite a hearing loss, I play three musical instruments and will be the musical director of the 2021-22 a cappella group, University of Illinois Rip Chords.


Why am I a good investment? A quality investment meets two main requirements in my mind: indefinite growth potential and confidence in genuine character. My potential for growth, I believe, is reflected not only in my time spent in college but also in my growth at GVC in the eight years I have been here. If this Club's members can hand a 13-year-old a caddy bib, towel, and range finder, and then see him walking down the fairway as a 21-year-old, two terms away from a bachelor's degree in neuroscience, that says something about growth. All that when we weren’t sure if we’d be able to pay for any college let alone four years at SLU. This Club gave me self-confidence and led me to achieve goals I never thought possible.


As the first person in my family to attend college, there are obstacles. Costs are high. Guidance is hard come by. Honestly, I wasn't sure I'd ever have a chance to get a degree. But then I did an eye-opening internship at Lurie Children's Hospital. I shadowed doctors and nurses to see how they selflessly care for others. It gave me a passion for a healthcare career and inspired me to get good grades and earn scholarships. Today, my education is my life foundation. It's preparing me to face the world and step into my community armed with skills that will enable me to be a useful and productive member of society. The GVC Scholarship is so important. It cuts the amount we have to borrow, relieves stress on our family, and keeps me on track to become the child psychologist that I dream of becoming. GVC members are helping fight for a better future.


The hardest choices I have made in my life all have to do with breaking my habits. I was excited when I first read my acceptance to law school, but as fast as that emotion came, it left. Law school meant changing my life and emptying the bank account of five years of savings. It's a big leap, but in the end I will have access to my dream of being an attorney. As I write this, I can’t hold back the tears. My dad came to this country when I was only months old. Growing up we lived in a relative’s basement. My father worked three jobs. From there to law school? We never could have imagined. I am asking for an investment from the Glen View Club so I can help immigrants live their dream and carve a way forward so I can be a mentor to other Hogans in the future.