Moil Munkhbat

 Northeastern Illinois University    

 2020 Leadership Awardee             

In 2016, when I stepped into my first scholarship meeting, my grades were horrendous, as in 0.8 GPA. I honestly didn't think I was going to receive any type of grant. But with the help of Scott Bates and the committee I have turned myself around. I got straight A's this past year and received my A.A. from Oakton Community College, moved out from my parents' house, and now I am ready to start my journey at Northeastern Illinois University.

At the age of 23, I have finally realized why my parents moved to the United States and why they left everything they had in order for my brother and me to succeed. I have seen my parents struggle living paycheck to paycheck, working endless hours so that me and my brother could receive a decent education. In order to pay them back I want them to see me walk across that stage, with a diploma in my hand. Another goal of mine is to have a successful career. That way I could help my family in Mongolia. I also want to be a role model for my younger relatives back in Mongolia, so that they can say, "If Moil could do it, why can't I?"

Cici Campos

Oakton Community College

2019 Leadership Awardee

I want to thank the members of the Glen View Club for supporting my journey as a college
student. I am enrolled at Oakton College. I started taking ESL classes and from there I began to set short-term goals. My first was to obtain an Associate Degree in Arts. I am only two classes away from achieving my goal. It is the first step toward my long-term goal of obtaining a Bachelor's Degree.

I am honored to be a GVC scholar. It has given me the most valuable opportunity of my life. I am clear that only with a higher education will I be able to provide a better future, not only for myself, but also for my family. Your help empowers me to continue achieving my educational goals and I know that with your helping hand, I will accomplish them.